Friday, 22 April 2011

Look at Me, Ma! I'm Blogging!

Well, here I am on the internet, a lone voice crying in the wilderness. If anyone's reading this, hello!!! And I mean that in the slightly maniacal way it sounds as I haven't really been on Blogger long enough to have any friends yet so I'm a little bit starved for attention.

Why am I blogging? Well, my lovely shiny, brand-spanking-new website is now up and running at  and this will be where I feed news of my adventures in publishing to that site. It's time to get serious about getting my novels into print - some of them have been hanging around, completely finished, for ten years now. I write sci-fi. If I don't get my thumb out, it's not going to be sci-fi so much as social realism by the time they see the light of day.

Also, I'm finishing up my thesis at the moment and, while that technically means I have *no* time on my hands, what that translates to in real terms is that I spend most of my life online. I might as well so something productive with my feverish procrastination.

In exciting, thesis-related news, though, I have a publisher for the little darling when it comes out of the other end of this extended brain fart I'm currently experiencing. Very, very exciting. My baby's gonna be a book!!! I don't want to say anything more than that for now as no contracts have been signed and I don't want anyone to get spooked. But holy, mother-lovin' yay!

So, hi internet, this is me. I'm Rach and I will be sporadic and undisciplined at best regarding this blogging lark. I will probably segue off into all kinds of non-writing related stuff, although I will try to save excitable fangirly stuff for my other blog.  But sometimes I just want to get all enthusiastic and squee in the hope that someone is listening. My family may even pay you for this service; it's either that or choke me until I stop talking some days.

Other stuff that I will certainly wax lyrical about is thesis-y related things, probably a lot about Mark Antony and Cleopatra (they are my guys. I own them. Back off), the novel that I'm working on which isn't the novel I should be working on - or in fact, the thesis I should be working on, and the indignity of job-hunting with an almost-PhD. Hopefully one day soon that will become the indignity of job-hunting with an actual PhD, but that would involve me finishing the damn thing...

Watch me! Follow me! Be my friend! And then, three years from now, you can say, "Oh yes, of course I used to follow her blog before she was famous..." and everyone will be all like, "Wow, you are the awesome!" Also, I have cake. Virtual cake. Okay, I don't have cake, but I'd give you cake if I had some...

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