Monday, 2 May 2011

Excitement! Thrills! Awesomeness!

So - final redrafting is finished on The Edge of Heaven! Updated sample chapters are available at - and, naturally, any interested agents or publishers can have the full draft on request! Even if you don't know that you want to request it, I'm going to be trying to convince you that you do. You have been warned...

Sci-fi with a beating, emotional heart, that's how I like to think of it. Smart future-noir, character-driven but with hefty dollops of painstakingly-researched plot. And when I say "painstaking", I mean painstaking. This stuff has kept me awake at night. I'm pretty sure it's watertight now.

Here's the synopsis (imagine it with the Deep Voiced Narrator from the movies. I do...)

Limbe do Cælom is not the worst place in the world to live.  Granted, an objective observer might protest that the worse places could be counted on one’s fingers; possibly, if pushed, adding a couple of toes.  Some of those places are also in Olvido…

In the late twenty-second century, the habitable world is shrinking. The answer is Olvido, a bi-level city; a metropolitan leviathan that scrapes the clouds that hover over what used to be Provence. Olvido is the melting pot of nations, a city of a thousand languages, where the dark streets explode with colour and festas and violence. It’s the place where you go when home is just a memory.

Danae lives alone in the nineteenth district, Limbe do Cælom, nursing the kind of secret that can get a person killed. Turrow lives a little life and plans for a better future, maybe even a job where no-one punches him. Neither one hopes for the spectacular or the glorious, so when the city throws them together, neither one is prepared for the depth of their connection. But it's the kind of love that comes with a price.

Because Olvido isn’t the land of happy ever afters. Crumbling buildings and casual violence vie with endemic disease to top the mortality lists in the crowded, heaving streets. And now there’s a dark shadow from the distant past creeping up on the city, ready to strike. Danae is going to have to make a decision: what would you give up to save the one glorious thing in an inglorious life?

The Edge of Heaven is a story about holding onto the little things in life that make us human in an inhumane world; about making a life where life is cheap; about conspiracy, loss, and hope.


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